The Route

You would think planning out a simple cycle ride from one end of the UK to the other would be a simple task but it’s simply isn’t. The logistics of getting people and bikes from Nottingham to John O’Groats has been a major problem not to mention planning the route and booking hotels so that it all ties in with achievable daily distances. Over the next few weeks I will write a guide to outline how we did this which will hopefully help others plan for their challenge.

As for now here’s a list of the days and distances showing the daily ride and total.

JOGLE RouteDay 1 (Thursday 4th July) : John O’Groats to Alness (130 miles)

Day 2 (Friday 5th July) : Alness to Fort William (83 / 213 miles)

Day 3 (Saturday 6th July) : Fort William to Greenock (123 / 336 miles)

Day 4 (Sunday 7th July) : Greenock to Gretna (136 / 472 miles)

Day 5 (Monday 8th July) : Gretna to Blackburn (111 / 583 miles)

Day 6 (Tuesday 9th July) : Blackburn / Preston to Shrewsbury (106 / 689 miles)

Day 7 (Wednesday 10th July) : Shrewsbury to Bristol (106 / 795 miles)

Day 8 (Thursday 11th July) : Bristol to Lake (near Sourton) (115 / 910 miles)

Day 9 (Friday 12th July) : Lake (near Sourton) to Lands End (108 / 1018 miles)