The Riders

Jason ‘Downhill’ Parker

Cycling God

It can be truly stated that Jason does not have the body of a cyclist. In fact it is most probably fairer to say that he has the body of 3 cyclists. What he lacks in style he makes up for with bloody mindedness,  determination and stupidity. It was his idea to undertake this ride so he can be rest assured as the pain kicks in it will be his name being shouted in association with countless expletives during the course of the ride.

Cycling Skills: Great going down hills but not so good going up them. Not bad at falling off whilst being clipped in.

Cycling Achievements: Passed his cycling proficiency badge, England & Ireland Coast to Coast

First Bike: The Blue (not Red) Rayleigh Grifter which was indestructible.

Bike for the Challenge: Trek Madone 3.5

Chris ‘White Flash’ Robinson

Here Boycee, good boy, good boyFamed for his white hair and even whiter teeth Chris can be seen cycling around Nottingham in full training for the challenge. The chances are you’ll hear him first and then be blinded as his zips on by grinning. Sickening chirpy all the time we truly believe this will be a rare time seeing him in anguish and pain.

Cycling Skills: Can swear one handed and knows absolutely nothing about how a bike works or how to fix them. Also, adept at falling off whilst being clipped in.

Cycling Achievements: England & Ireland Coast to Coast

First Bike: Something made of Gold.

Bike for the Challenge: Chauffeur driven by his butler.

Mike ‘The Whippet’ Whitby

The WhippetHe’s built like a whippet and twice as fast. Mike is famed for finishing the English Coast to Coast sponsored cycle ride in a super fast time. Other cyclists have complained that due to him being so light he gains an unfair advantage by the wind helping him along. He has other skills like a whippet but it’s best we don’t go into them here.

Cycling Skills: Crazy bunny hops & wheelies.

Cycling Achievements: England Coast to Coast

First Bike: He didn’t need one as he ran everywhere quicker.

Bike for the Challenge: Pinnacle Evaporite

Robert ‘Action’ Jackson

Action JacksonIf we’re honest Rob is the only experienced cyclist out of the bunch. Whereas the others in the team only cycle as part of a challenge Rob thinks nothing about getting on his bike in Nottingham to cycle to his wifes parents home….in WALES! This type of dedication and experience, and possibly a tow rope, will be needed to help get the rest of the team through the 9 days.

Cycling Skills: An all round expert (makes you sick doesn’t it).

Cycling Achievements: To many to mention.

First Bike: Rayleigh Shopper as his parents thought he was a girl 😉

Bike for the Challenge: Built around him over years of setup and adjustment so it fits like a glove.